“I am one of those people who believe that if something is important, even if you get off the path, you have to find your way back.”

-Dr. Matthew P. Shaw

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Scholar Spotlight: Dr. Matthew P. Shaw

The Ebony Tower had the pleasure to interview Dr. Matthew P. Shaw, an American Bar Foundation Law and Social Sciences Post-Doctoral Fellow and Assistant Professor of Public Policy and Education at Peabody College of Education and Human Development at Vanderbilt University beginning in 2017. Before earning his doctorate in Quantitative Policy Analysis in Education at […]

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Scholar Spotlight: Dr. Daniel Jean

The Ebony Tower Spotlight is dedicated to highlighting the impactful work and unique experiences of early career scholars of color. The column also focuses on providing current and future graduate students with insight and encouragement from those who have successfully navigated the long and winding road to earning a doctoral degree. This week, we would […]

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Let’s All Kill Joy Together

Congrats! You have decided to attend graduate school! If you are anything like me, few things excite you as much as the first day of classes. You are eager to sink your teeth into the material you read the night before, and are looking forward to a discussion with your peers about your initial thoughts […]

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Scholar Spotlight: Dr. Omari Jackson

Dr. Omari Jackson, Assistant Professor of Sociology at Morgan State University, spoke with The Ebony Tower about his path to academia,why he made the transition from teaching at a predominantly white institution (PWI) to teaching at a HBCU, and how  he navigated the job market. The interview is divided into the following five sections for your […]

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Writing While Away

By Aria S. Halliday (@Queen_Diva6)  For some graduate students of color, getting to A.B.D. (All But Dissertation—all requirements for the degree except dissertation have been completed) status is a recognition of one’s ability to do PhD level work. After courses, papers, exams (oral and written), and presentations, A.B.D. status is the hallmark of one’s doctoral […]

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Podcast and Chill

The Ebony Tower Contributors Graduate school leaves little time to sit quietly and enjoy your surroundings. Many of us like to escape into nature, while some of us escape into Netflix. Both hiking and Netflix and chilling can be great. But they also soak up a lot of time. Whether it’s planning a weekend trip […]

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