The Ebony Tower is a recently launched online space for scholars of color to inform and uplift each other as we navigate the ivory tower.

Now that we have officially launched, we are looking for regular, occasional, AND single submission contributors. Below are different ways how you can get involved: 

  1. Submit a narrative essay about your experience navigating graduate school as a scholar of color or as someone who conducts research on communities of colors (and those from disadvantaged backgrounds). Key questions/topics you could address: How do you navigate academic spaces that do not always feel welcoming? How does your identity shape your experiences in lab (STEM) or in the field (social sciences)? How do you balance your desire to achieve your academic dreams with your desire to have an immediate impact on disadvantaged communities?  How do you deal with the trauma you experience in the academy while simultaneously managing the trauma you experience as a person of color in everyday life/interactions?
  1.  Submit a short listicle(bulleted advice piece) offering advice on how you made it through specific aspects of the application process, school selection process, doctoral program (actual milestones), and/or job search process.
  1. Interview a professor of color whose work or experiences you feel should be spotlighted and will positively impact graduate students or early career faculty members.
  1. Let us interview you! If you are a faculty member or advanced doctoral student, let us spotlight you and share your work with our audience.
  1. Contribute to the Dear Ebony T. advice column by either submitting a scenario for us to address for the benefit of others OR answering dilemmas that we receive from graduate students.
  1. Write tweets (125ish characters) by either emailing them to submissions@theebonytower.comOR co-mangaging the account with others.

Email submissions to OR submit via the submissions page.

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