Ebony Tower Fellowship Workshop (Video)

The Ebony Tower competitive fellowship workshop was hosted on Thursday, July 16, 2020. Panelist answered frequently asked questions about applying for nationally competitive fellowships. Moderators: Daphne M. Penn | PhD | Sociology of Education | Harvard University Sa-kiera Hudson | PhD | Social Psychology | Yale University Panelists: Jasmine Kwasa | PhD Candidate | Electrical & Computer Engineering and Neuroscience | Carnegie Mellon University Julissa … Continue reading Ebony Tower Fellowship Workshop (Video)

Scholar Spotlight & Book Talk with Dr. Anthony Abraham Jack

For today’s Scholar Spotlight, Daphne and Rachel interview Dr. Anthony Abraham Jack about his new book, The Privileged Poor: How Elite Colleges are Failing Disadvantaged Students. In addition to discussing important findings and implications from his book (15:00), Dr. Jack also provides insight into his academic journey (1:17) and the experiences that shaped his research agenda (9:00). Finally, the professor offers advice on finishing the dissertation (21:05), … Continue reading Scholar Spotlight & Book Talk with Dr. Anthony Abraham Jack

Tales from the Tower: Managing Impressions and Microaggressions

Have you ever been placed in a situation where you needed to stand up for yourself but also wanted to avoid the “angry POC” label? In this episode, Omar shares his tale about managing stereotypes in the classroom while also standing up for what’s right.  *This episode is sponsored by Taupe Coat. Visit their site today: www.taupecoat.com* Continue reading Tales from the Tower: Managing Impressions and Microaggressions

Tea from the Tower: Sonia, The Student Loan Doctor

On this episode of Tea from the Tower, we speak with The Student Loan Doctor, Sonia Lewis, about budgeting, our biggest student loan mistakes, how and when to start paying off your debts, and things to avoid when deciding to take out a student loan. Sonia shares some really honest advice on the impacts of student loan debt on women of color, the importance of … Continue reading Tea from the Tower: Sonia, The Student Loan Doctor

Ask Ebony Anything I

In this first installment of Ask Ebony Anything, Daphne and Rachel discuss personal style and aesthetics in graduate school (0:45), the merits of a mixed-methods dissertation (4:00), how to overcome a bad reputation in your department (7:27), tips and strategies for writing your dissertation while away from campus (13:45), and the politics of rearranging the dissertation committee late in the process (23:05).  Continue reading Ask Ebony Anything I

Preparing to Publish

Publishing is one of the most daunting tasks Ph.D. students and young faculty members need to do. Just thinking about writing an article can trigger imposter syndrome and self-doubt. The process of daily writing can also make you aware of all the bad writing habits you’ve picked up over the years, including that pesky undergrad procrastination. Publishing also requires us to learn new procedural requirements … Continue reading Preparing to Publish

The Ebony Tower Syllabus: Sociology

At The Ebony Tower, we believe it’s important to deliberately read and cite the work of scholars of color. To make this process more efficient, we are organizing a comprehensive list of blackademic literature according to fields of study which you can find below. Please email us to recommend a book to our syllabus (even your own). SOCIOLOGY Alexes Harris. 2016. A Pound of Flesh: … Continue reading The Ebony Tower Syllabus: Sociology