Preparing to Publish

Publishing is one of the most daunting tasks Ph.D. students and young faculty members need to do. Just thinking about writing an article can trigger imposter syndrome and self-doubt. The process of daily writing can also make you aware of all the bad writing habits you’ve picked up over the years, including that pesky undergrad procrastination. Publishing also requires us to learn new procedural requirements … Continue reading Preparing to Publish

Introducing The Ebony Tower Podcast

Each year, U.S. universities award more than 55,000 doctoral degrees. Among degree holders, less than 15% are Black, Latinx, or Native American. Often serving as trailblazers in their communities and disciplines, scholars of color face unique challenges as they scale the Ivory Tower. Enter the Ebony Tower podcast—a resource, conversation and community for and by brilliant yet underrecognized and underrepresented scholars of color. Get to … Continue reading Introducing The Ebony Tower Podcast

Home is Where My Heart Resides…

Home is Where My Heart Resides… The U.S. Navy Veteran, turned Howard Hughes Medical Institute funded scientist, explains why he’s coming home to obtain his medical education. By Russell Joseph Ledet  There’s an indescribable feeling that comes from basking in the summer sun in Lake Charles, Louisiana—Sugar-soaked snow cones, boiled crawfish, and that Cajun accent that exudes southern hospitality. Listening to my brothers and sisters … Continue reading Home is Where My Heart Resides…

Scholar Spotlight: Dr. Matthew P. Shaw

The Ebony Tower had the pleasure to interview Dr. Matthew P. Shaw, an American Bar Foundation Law and Social Sciences Post-Doctoral Fellow and Assistant Professor of Public Policy and Education at Peabody College of Education and Human Development at Vanderbilt University beginning in 2017. Before earning his doctorate in Quantitative Policy Analysis in Education at Harvard University, Matthew graduated from Columbia Law School, and practiced … Continue reading Scholar Spotlight: Dr. Matthew P. Shaw

Podcast and Chill

The Ebony Tower Contributors Graduate school leaves little time to sit quietly and enjoy your surroundings. Many of us like to escape into nature, while some of us escape into Netflix. Both hiking and Netflix and chilling can be great. But they also soak up a lot of time. Whether it’s planning a weekend trip to the mountains for some fresh air, or planning a … Continue reading Podcast and Chill

The Academic Job Market aka That Other Job You Signed Up For

By Aria S. Halliday (@Queen_Diva6) For many traditional* academics, the “job market” is the scary place you go to find the worth of your PhD. The “market” in the past twenty years has seen lots of changes and led to PhD programs scaring students into believing there’s only one right way to get a job. In my previous post, Learning How to Break Up, I … Continue reading The Academic Job Market aka That Other Job You Signed Up For