Ebony Tower Fellowship Workshop (Video)

The Ebony Tower competitive fellowship workshop was hosted on Thursday, July 16, 2020. Panelist answered frequently asked questions about applying for nationally competitive fellowships. Moderators: Daphne M. Penn | PhD | Sociology of Education | Harvard University Sa-kiera Hudson | PhD | Social Psychology | Yale University Panelists: Jasmine Kwasa | PhD Candidate | Electrical & Computer Engineering and Neuroscience | Carnegie Mellon University Julissa … Continue reading Ebony Tower Fellowship Workshop (Video)

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Written by Maleah Ann Ledet and Russell J. Ledet, Ph.D. It has been an extremely busy last week or so. NPR, People Magazine, ABC News, WWLTV, WDSU, Good Morning America, and the list continues. The 15 White Coats have had a rather rocket-fast propulsion onto the world stage. This is all due to a couple of photos that we took at the Whitney Plantation. Of course, we live … Continue reading Out of the Mouths of Babes

Preparing to Publish

Publishing is one of the most daunting tasks Ph.D. students and young faculty members need to do. Just thinking about writing an article can trigger imposter syndrome and self-doubt. The process of daily writing can also make you aware of all the bad writing habits you’ve picked up over the years, including that pesky undergrad procrastination. Publishing also requires us to learn new procedural requirements … Continue reading Preparing to Publish

The Ebony Tower Syllabus: Sociology

At The Ebony Tower, we believe it’s important to deliberately read and cite the work of scholars of color. To make this process more efficient, we are organizing a comprehensive list of blackademic literature according to fields of study which you can find below. Please email us to recommend a book to our syllabus (even your own). SOCIOLOGY Alexes Harris. 2016. A Pound of Flesh: … Continue reading The Ebony Tower Syllabus: Sociology

The Ebony Tower FAQs

Below are answers to frequently asked questions about getting involved with The Ebony Tower.    How can I become involved? – Writer – Social Media Contributor (Twitter/Facebook/Instagram) – Photographer (academic settings and scholars in action) – Editor – Research and Scouting Contact Us!   Do I have to be affiliated with an Ivy League school to become a contributor?  Absolutely Not! How long should I … Continue reading The Ebony Tower FAQs