The Ebony Tower FAQs

Below are answers to frequently asked questions about getting involved with The Ebony Tower. 

How can I become involved?
– Writer
– Social Media Contributor (Twitter/Facebook/Instagram)
– Photographer (academic settings and scholars in action)
– Editor
– Research and Scouting


Do I have to be affiliated with an Ivy League school to become a contributor? 
Absolutely Not!

How long should I make my article? 
-Narratives ~1250
-Advice ~ 500 – 1000 (can be lists) 

-Interviews/Spotlights ~ 1000

Will I have help writing and revising my articles? 

I want to write about a sensitive topic, can I publish anonymously?

YES! We are willing to publish articles anonymously if
you feel that the content may be helpful to others, but potentially harmful to your identity or career.

When can I start submitting my work?
NOW! Expect a follow-up within 7-10 business days.

How do I submit? 



Have questions that aren’t listed here? Email us!

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