Tales From the Tower: Pregnancy, Health, and Parenting in Graduate School

In this episode of Tales from the Tower, Whitney shares her story of managing postpartum complications, dismissive healthcare providers, a diagnosis of peripartum cardiomyopathy, and parenthood while also navigating graduate school. Whitney, Daphne, and Rachel also discuss how race and social capital shape the healthcare experiences and outcomes of black women.   *This episode is sponsored by Taupe Coat. Visit their site today: www.taupecoat.com* Resources:  Why America’s … Continue reading Tales From the Tower: Pregnancy, Health, and Parenting in Graduate School

Podcast and Chill

The Ebony Tower Contributors Graduate school leaves little time to sit quietly and enjoy your surroundings. Many of us like to escape into nature, while some of us escape into Netflix. Both hiking and Netflix and chilling can be great. But they also soak up a lot of time. Whether it’s planning a weekend trip to the mountains for some fresh air, or planning a … Continue reading Podcast and Chill

11 Tips for Fall Semester Self-Care

by The Ebony Tower Contributors
Somehow it’s the end of August again, and soon we’ll be back to the daily grind of classes, meetings, too little sleep, and too much caffeine. The Ebony Tower wants to offer you some tips to maintain your sanity this Fall and to commit to your most important assignment of all: Self-Care. Continue reading 11 Tips for Fall Semester Self-Care

Run This Town Tonight

by The Ebony Tower Contributors  In the summer of 1992, when my limbs were still long and lean, and hips were but a distant dream, I double knotted my Ross purchased BKs, took my mark, and promptly whooped little Davie from down the street in a foot race. For one, hot, summer Saturday, I was the reigning champ of the neighborhood. I had beaten a … Continue reading Run This Town Tonight