The Academic Job Market aka That Other Job You Signed Up For

By Aria S. Halliday (@Queen_Diva6) For many traditional* academics, the “job market” is the scary place you go to find the worth of your PhD. The “market” in the past twenty years has seen lots of changes and led to PhD programs scaring students into believing there’s only one right way to get a job. In my previous post, Learning How to Break Up, I … Continue reading The Academic Job Market aka That Other Job You Signed Up For

Writing While Away

By Aria S. Halliday (@Queen_Diva6)  For some graduate students of color, getting to A.B.D. (All But Dissertation—all requirements for the degree except dissertation have been completed) status is a recognition of one’s ability to do PhD level work. After courses, papers, exams (oral and written), and presentations, A.B.D. status is the hallmark of one’s doctoral journey because there are an estimated 50+% of graduate students … Continue reading Writing While Away

Five Ways Improv Prepares You for Grad School

by Jeraul Mackey
My instinct is to question absolutes. So I wondered to myself, “Really? Hardest thing I will ever do?” I thought getting into Harvard would be the hardest thing. A PhD program certainly can’t be harder than improv, performing in front of huge crowds with no script and a clear mandate to make people laugh. Continue reading Five Ways Improv Prepares You for Grad School



by The Ebony Tower Contributors Once you have received an offer to attend a graduate program, one of the biggest factors in determining whether or not you can accept said offer, is the funding package. Many doctoral programs provide competitive funding packages to aid your transition into the program and to help sustain you over the next 5-7 years.  You may receive a stipend that … Continue reading Fellowships