Tea from the Tower: Sonia, The Student Loan Doctor

On this episode of Tea from the Tower, we speak with The Student Loan Doctor, Sonia Lewis, about budgeting, our biggest student loan mistakes, how and when to start paying off your debts, and things to avoid when deciding to take out a student loan. Sonia shares some really honest advice on the impacts of student loan debt on women of color, the importance of … Continue reading Tea from the Tower: Sonia, The Student Loan Doctor

Ask Ebony Anything I

In this first installment of Ask Ebony Anything, Daphne and Rachel discuss personal style and aesthetics in graduate school (0:45), the merits of a mixed-methods dissertation (4:00), how to overcome a bad reputation in your department (7:27), tips and strategies for writing your dissertation while away from campus (13:45), and the politics of rearranging the dissertation committee late in the process (23:05).  Continue reading Ask Ebony Anything I

Podcast Scholar Spotlight: Dr. Kerry Ann Rockquemore

Scholar Spotlight with Dr. Rockquemore  On this Scholar Spotlight episode, TET interviews Dr. Kerry Ann Rockquemore, Founder and CEO of the National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity and author of The Black Academic’s Guide to Winning Tenure Without Losing Your Soul. We discuss Dr. Rockquemore’s educational trajectory, her inspo for starting the NCFDD, and Dr. Rockquemore gives us her best, “real talk” advice for … Continue reading Podcast Scholar Spotlight: Dr. Kerry Ann Rockquemore

Introducing The Ebony Tower Podcast

Each year, U.S. universities award more than 55,000 doctoral degrees. Among degree holders, less than 15% are Black, Latinx, or Native American. Often serving as trailblazers in their communities and disciplines, scholars of color face unique challenges as they scale the Ivory Tower. Enter the Ebony Tower podcast—a resource, conversation and community for and by brilliant yet underrecognized and underrepresented scholars of color. Get to … Continue reading Introducing The Ebony Tower Podcast